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CALL FUNCTION 'F4_FILENAME' EXPORTING field_name = 'P_FILE' IMPORTING file_name = p_file.

The statements between AT and ENDAT are only executed if the corresponding group change occurred.

Positions the list output either in the first column of the first line following the page header of the current page or in connection with RESERVE in the first column of the first line of a line block.

* At selection screen AT SELECTION-SCREEN ON VALUE-REQUEST FOR p_file.

DATA: l_tname TYPE tabname, l_state TYPE ddgotstate, l_dd02v TYPE dd02v. CALL FUNCTION 'DDIF_TABL_GET' EXPORTING name = l_tname IMPORTING gotstate = l_state dd02v_wa = l_dd02v TABLES dd03p_tab = it_dd03p EXCEPTIONS illegal_input = 1 OTHERS = 2. write_error 'does not exist or is not active' space. IF l_dd02v-tabclass NE 'TRANSP' AND l_dd02v-tabclass NE 'CLUSTER'.

SELECT SINGLE COUNT( * ) FROM mkpf WHERE mblnr = p_mblnr AND mjahr = p_mjahr. "aktueller Tabellenstand INCLUDE STRUCTURE THEADVB.

(Transaction VL02N) * * FUNCTIONALITY: * 1) The update will wait * 2) After recording the billing is created (V01) *__________________________________________________ data: l_mode type char1 value 'N', l_subrc like sy-subrc, l_errmail type flag. *__________________________________________________ refresh: gt_msg, gt_mail. *** (First wait for the update, and then examine the table KNA1) PERFORM wait_for_update_of_bel1 USING i_vbeln i_mblnr i_mjahr CHANGING l_subrc.

*"------------------------------------------------ ---------------------- * "*" Local Interface: *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(I_VBELN) LIKE LIKP-VBELN *" VALUE(I_FKART) TYPE FKART DEFAULT 'ZF8D' *" VALUE(I_MJAHR) TYPE MKPF-MJAHR OPTIONAL *" VALUE(I_MBLNR) TYPE MKPF-MBLNR OPTIONAL *" EXPORTING *" VALUE(E_VBELN) TYPE VBELN_VF *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- * USE Fu Ba of: * Fu Ba is userexit form userexit_save_document (MV50AFZ1) * Called. "--- Update is not yet finished message e398 (00) with 'update was not finished.' (010) into gs_mail.

perform faktura_anlegen_fubas using i_fkart changing i_vbeln gt_mail[] l_errmail e_VBELN.

perform sendmail_fehlerlist using i_vbeln i_fkart gt_mail[]. *______________________________________________________________________ * First wait for the update, and then examine the table KNA1 * Update wait (barring read) CONCATENATE sy-mandt p_vbeln INTO l_garg. * MESSAGE ID SY-MSGID TYPE SY-MSGTY NUMBER SY-MSGNO * WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.

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