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What is the most efficient way to modify XML values?

To allow for precise modification of XML nodes and values, the XQuery XML query language employs an extension known as the XML Data Modification Language (DML).

Please correct me if there is a better way of doing this. public class Maven Metadata Reader { /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String[] args) throws XMLStream Exception { Scanner user_input = new Scanner( ); String updated_pom_version; println("Enter updated version:"); updated_pom_version = user_input.next( ); File xpath=new File("D:\Lucy\trunk\pom.xml"); XPath Factory xfactory = XPath Instance(); XPath xpath Obj = XPath(); Node node; try catch (XPath Expression Exception e) Text Content(element Value); import

For this , Do we need to remove the older node and add the another node with updated values...???? Node List nodes = get Node List From XPath Expression(); // you know how if (nodes.length == 0) return; // empty nodelist, xpath didn't select anything Node first = Item(0); // take the first from the list, your element // this is a shortcut for your example: // first is the actual selected element (a node) // First() returns the first child node, the "text node" (="Jasmine", ="28") // Node Value() replace the actual value of that text node with a new string First Child()Node Value("New Name or new age"); Document doc = Document Builder Instance()Document Builder().parse( new Input Source("data.xml")); XPath xpath = XPath Instance()XPath(); Node List nodes = (Node List) xpath.evaluate("//employee/name[text()='old']", doc, XPath Constants.

For more information about creating editable XPath Navigator objects, see Reading XML Data using XPath Document and Xml Document. Load(reader); XPath Navigator navigator = document. Thus if an element is valid against its complex type definition, all its child elements and attributes are valid against their type definitions. Outer Xml) Xml Document document = new Xml Document(); document. The concept of an element being nillable is similar to the concept of an object being Saving changes made to an Xml Document object as the result of the editing methods described in this topic is performed using the methods of the Xml Document class.

I am new to and am trying to parse, traverse and modify a XML (KML) file using

Can someone please provide an example on how to use the XMLDOM library to do this? VJ I am trying to read multiple xml files from a dir and traverse and parse them.

In order to use these methods, the XPath Navigator object must be editable, that is, its Can Edit property must be . Elements that can contain other elements or attributes are called complex types, while those that can only contain textual content are called simple types. Any attempt to modify an entity reference node results in an Invalid Operation Exception.

XPath Navigator objects that can edit an XML document are created by the Create Navigator method of the Xml Document class. has to contain a numeric value between -21474836483647 to be schema-valid. The W3C XML Schema recommendation introduces the concept of an element being nillable.

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