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National publishers usually cater to its demands because the school board is probably the most influential in the country. No other state, except California, wields that sort of market clout. However, we balked at the idea of laws decreed by religious leaders and preferred laws made by man. I have read many high school and grammar school history textbooks and was flabbergasted to see an overt plan to have our children taught as future citizens of the world instead of instilling pride as American citizens. and an fyi..daughters highschool AP history book opened with...."Excited about the gold found by Columbus...." Really? This biased attack on conservatism is another example of the NEA using teachers money to spread their agenda. I am grateful that the progressive revisionists had not written their version of events. The progressives have been gradually rewriting history for decades but you don't hear about it. We should be proud of our country and all the good we have done and not kowtow to countries who do not have our best interest at heart while neglecting our allies.

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Chen Ai Reen (曾爱玲) who goes by the name Aryn Chen is a singer and an adjunct lecturer at the School of Music, UCSI University teaching contemporary vocal.

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